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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

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     Ultrasonic cleaning is a faster and more effective method than washing and steam, which can reduce cleaning time and save cost.
     Ultrasound transmission in a specific frequency, belongs to the range of human hearing. When the sound wave generated from the transducer propagates through the liquid in the bath, it will be converted into high and low pressure in the bath.
     At low pressures, millions of bubbles form, a process called cavitation. At high pressure, bubbles break and release a lot of energy. This force will form in all directions, attacking the surface, invading the surface and interior.

Optional punching or solid tray

     We recommend the use of perforated shelves to protect the bottom of the bath to extend the service life of the equipment.In addition, when the cleaning is finished, it is convenient to take out the cleaning material.

Typical use

     *Surgical and dental instruments
     *Various laboratory utensils
     *Scientific instruments and components
     *Metal parts and accessories
     *Plastic parts and accessories
     *Printed circuit board
     *Electrical and electronic components
     *Jewelry, watches and clocks
     *Optical equipment
     *Eyes and frames
     *Veterinary instruments
     *Instrument components and accessories

超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器Sweep WeChat yards pay attention to us

  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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