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What is the difference between a vortex mixer and a vortex o

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       What is the difference between a vortex mixer and a vortex oscillator?
       The same, called different, are through high-speed rotation to drive the liquid to rotate and achieve the effect of mixing
       What are the advantages of vortex mixer and vortex oscillator
       The vortex mixer of hwashin instrument can test samples efficiently and quickly. The operation panel is simple, microprocessor precise control, LED display speed and time. Humanized programming, built-in inching and timing two operating modes, quiet and stable without noise.
Product overview of vortex mixer
       Vortex mixer is mainly used in medicine, bioengineering, chemistry, medicine and other research fields.
       It is a necessary routine instrument for fixing, shaking and mixing various reagents, solutions and chemicals in biological laboratory. There are two modes to choose from. The contact mode is suitable for short-time mixed samples and continuous mode. Compact design of circular table, maximum load of 0.5 kg.
       LCD display time adjustment, easy to read and set electronic timing function switch, control timing and continuous operation mode. It is novel in shape, small in size and solid in structure, which ensures long service life of the instrument and the base ensures that the instrument does not move. High efficiency brushless DC motor drive, long life, no electromagnetic interference, with safe speed protection function. It is suitable for use in refrigerated room or incubator, suitable for the range of 5 ~ 40 ℃.
       Different accessories are selected to expand the function of the instrument. Centrifugal tube, test tube and enzyme plate are available for selection, including test tube gasket, universal fixture and enzyme plate clamp.
       Hwashin instruments is a modern science and technology enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of laboratory instruments, equipment and related supporting devices. The company's small vortex mixer / vortex oscillator is a well-designed instrument for the material mixing in test tube. Its mixing efficiency is dozens of times higher than that of manual mixing and mixing. The mixing effect is obvious, and there is no pollution and influence on the substance in the test tube. It is an indispensable experimental instrument in chemical laboratory, biochemical laboratory, hospital laboratory and factory laboratory, and is a good helper for laboratory personnel.

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  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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