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Hwashin, Korea_ Certificate of exclusive authorized agent

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        Since January 1, 2020, Shanghai Chenhui Instrument Co., Ltd. has officially become the exclusive agent of hwashin Tech Co., Ltd. of South Korea in China.
        In the future development, we will implement the business philosophy of service, wisdom and product integration, and provide users with high-quality products and services as always.
        We will strive to improve the level of R & D and productivity in China, and provide advanced laboratory equipment for relevant researchers, enterprises and institutions. Can provide perfect professional services for customers.
        We always adhere to the introduction of international advanced technology and products to make a contribution to domestic R & D and production, and make efforts to realize the Chinese dream.

超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器Sweep WeChat yards pay attention to us

  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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