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Are blood cell counting board and blood cell counter the sam

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  Blood cell counting board,commonly known as"blood cell counting board",is a glass plate device used to observe and calculate the number of cells per unit volume under a microscope.
  Blood cell counter is a kind of device similar to calculator.It is composed of digital processing chip,integrated circuit,display screen and key.
  These two products are different,with different functions.
  Use of blood cell counter
  1.No way.10 UL must be aspirated automatically by capillary siphon,and the excess will be left in the side groove.If you first add a lot of solution to the counting chamber and then cover it with a cover glass,the cover glass will float up,resulting in an increase in volume.Because the volume itself is very small,the error will be very large.(special attention should be paid to the fact that the counting chamber and cover glass must be dry to avoid dilution of bacterial suspension in order to ensure accurate counting
  2.Two counting rooms randomly use the general counting at least 4 times,take the average value.Therefore,two counting chambers were used for each experiment.
  3.The method is very detailed.Here are the main points
  ①When counting,only count the number of bacteria in the medium cell.Each counting chamber may have 16 medium cells(4x4)or 25 medium cells(5x5).Only 4-5 medium cells need to be counted,and then the total bacteria number in the whole counting room can be calculated.For the 4x4 counting chamber,the four corner middle cell is usually enough,and for the 5x5 structure,the middle grid should be added in addition to the four corners
  ②The number of bacteria on the four sides of the central grid is only 2 lines.
  ③When the bacteria suspension is added,it should be kept still until the bottom of the bacteria does not flow
  ④The bacterial suspension must be evenly mixed and the action should be fast to prevent the inaccurate counting caused by bacterial precipitation

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  • 超声波清洗机,旋涡混合器,滚轴混匀仪,超声波移液管清洗机,差分细胞计数器

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